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COVID 19 has changed the way we serve our community. We did not have festivals and cultural events the way we had in previous years. Our volunteer artists worked hard to produce high-quality content for entertainment and education. We did not let our community members down during the hard days of 2020, thanks to our volunteers.

Funds generated by sponsors will help us to support our artists and will enhance the quality of our programs.

We rely on the support of community donors and sponsors and will appreciate your cooperation.

You may freely choose from our different valuable sponsorship packages to match your company’s activity. This way, you can be part of the most wonderful celebration of the year and we can do our best to promote your business.

Sponsorship Service Options

1. Promotion Gifts ($100)
Distribute promotion gifts to our guests. These items can be selected from one of these items:
2. Business Cards and Brochures ($100)
Distribute business cards, bruchures and promote them on the event’s tables.
3. Balloons for Kids ($100)
Advertising balloons for kids with your name and logo printed on it. (Sponsors will provide their balloons)
4. Weekly Emails ($100)
Advertising in our weekly emails (every two weeks) started two months before the celebration until the end of event.
5. Business Sharing ($150)

Shared advertisement with other businesses in the Iranian directory:
Printing our sponsors’ business cards beside other business cards in on a sheet the size of half of A4 and distributing them among our guests. Here is an example of this page with PACSO logo will be added to it.

6. Commercial Teasers ($600)

A. Showing short (30 seconds) commercial video provided by the financial sponsor (two times; once at the beginning of the event and once after the break)

B. Promoting our sponsors in our PACSO face book page, once a week for three months (two months before the celebration date and one month after).

C. Announcing Sponsors names, two times during the event (in the order of the value of their package)

D. Adverting sponsors in PACSO web page for six months.

Sponsors who choose from our sponsorship program services No. 1 to 3:

are allowed installing their advertising banner in our event. also, their names will be announced two times during our celebration.


Including all our advertising services #1 to #6.



Choosing from services No. 1 to No. 5 OR No. 6 only.



Choosing from our different services up to $350


Choosing from our different services up to $250
  • Please note: Our sponsors are responsible for their goods and services. Based on PACSO regulations, PACSO does not have any responsibilities in this matter.
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