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Iranian Arts and Cultural Society of Ottawa


Iranian Arts and Cultural Society of Ottawa (PACSO) was established and registered as a not-for-profit organization in October 2004 with registration No.163971 in Ottawa.

This association is a cultural, artistic, social, non-profit, non-political, non-religious and independent institution that is not related to any private or Governmental organization, and its activities are in line with the goals and missions defined in its bylaw.

Objective & Missions


The purpose of PACSO is To contact and facilitate Iranian and Canadian resident of the Ottawa and surrounding area: In order to promote and explore the culture and arts of Iran and create and expand solidarity among the society.


PACSO Missions includes:

  • Celebrations and cultural ceremonies, Preparing and producing theater and performance programs and holding art training classes, Exhibitions in the fields of poetry, books, films, photos, paintings, graphics, miniatures, music, etc
  • Participation in the festival: Local, national and international related events in the city of Ottawa and the province of Ontario.
  • Creating facilities for the formation of various artistic, cultural, publishing and similar committees.
  • Production of cultural and artistic works such as films, photos and computer products, publication of newspapers, magazines and books. Preparing entertainment programs such as travel, group outings.

PACSO Association relies on the cooperation and participation of its members and Iranians living in Ottawa to continue and improve its activities and evaluates it as valuable.

PACSO is managed by a Board of Directors, Auditor and Inspector elected among members, for a period of 2 years. Our members should be a resident of Ottawa and must submit and sign membership application and accept and agree to comply with society by law.

Meet Our Board Members

Azadeh Tabatabaei


Parvin Rahmani

Public Relations

Ayat Tadjalli


Alma Rahmani

Director, Cultural programming

Fatemeh Keshvari


Norooz Dordari


Iraj Sedghi


Maryam Ghodrat

Alternate Member
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