Iranian Arts and Cultural Society of Ottawa (PACSO) is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-religious organization which aims to improve the understanding of Iranian culture and to encourage tolerance and dialogue within the Iranian-Canadian communities by providing arts, cultural, and educational events. The mission of PACSO is to fulfill and foster the creation and production of art for the benefit of all Ontarian, in accordance with the mission of the Ontario Arts Council.

Vision, Mission and Values


The main objectives of PACSO can be summarized as follows:

  • Improving a good understanding of Iranian culture and identity for the benefit of the public
  • Providing cultural and educational events that encourage tolerance, mutual understanding, as well as dialogue within Iranian-Canadian community and other communities across Canada
  • Initiating various short courses and exhibitions in visual arts for dissemination of Iranian culture
  • Organizing seminars, workshops, and social gatherings to preserve and promote Iranian intellectual background, literature, and artistic heritage
  • Providing the most current information and services for Iranian newcomers to Canada


To provide cultural, artistic and educational programs for Iranian community in Ottawa through activities that help enrich Iranian culture and empower the community’s future generations.


Create a nurturing cultural hub for Iranian families in Ottawa.

Board Members

Parvin Rahmany
Email: parvin.rahmany@pacso.ca
Phone: (613) 295 - 4131
Kaveh Shakouri
Arts & Cultural Program Director
Email: kaveh.shakouri@pacso.ca
Phone: (613) 897 - 3172
Koorosh Iranmanesh
Public Relations Director
Email: koorosh.iranmanesh@pacso.ca
Phone: (613) 884- 0400
Massoud Riazi
Board Secretary
Email: massoud.riazi@pacso.ca
Phone: (343) 777- 7675
Nouroz Dordari
Email: nouroz.dordari@pacso.ca
Phone: (613) 820 - 5781
Iraj Sedghi
Email: iraj.sedghi@pacso.ca
Phone: (613) 843 - 1378


Annual Reports and Statements

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